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Daily DNA Repair

DNA Repair – It Happens Every Day

We previously talked (on the page about cellular health) about a very general description of why we face more chronic illness as we age.

It’s worth a review of that before we get into more detail that involves a little more "science stuff" like DNA repair and cell regeneration.

  • A normal bodily function is that your cells are attacked thousands of times each day
  • Some cells die, some cells are repaired and some cells are reproduced – every day
  • When you are young, the daily attacks are repaired before those cells are reproduced
  • As you age, your body can’t repair all of the damage, so damaged cells get reproduced
  • Accumulated cell damage is the basis for many of the chronic diseases we face today

The most effective way to protect your health is this: recapture your body’s ability to naturally repair the cell damage each day before those cells are reproduced.

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Now we’ll talk about the DNA repair and cell regeneration process in a little more detail.

What Is DNA, DNA Repair And How Are They Related To Your Health?

Science Stuff – DNA

The technical description of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid.  This is a double stranded helix responsible for carrying your own individual genetic codes.

Science class taught you that DNA contains information about your hair color, eye color, height, etc, however, there is much more information within a DNA molecule than that. Your DNA also contains critical information about cell regeneration.

Your DNA are the most critical molecules in your body. The basis for aging and disease comes from damage to these molecules. Damage that accumulates over time (because you lose the ability to repair your own DNA) is what accelerates the process of aging and disease.

Damage to DNA

Your body is attacked every day. It’s attacked by the environment, stress, medicine, bad food and countless other things that you encounter every day. 

There is truly no way to avoid this constant attack, your only choice is to determine how you will handle it, especially as you age.

When you’re a kid, this isn’t a problem because your cells still have the ability to fix the damage each day before the cell regeneration process works to produce new cells. 

However, as you get older, you lose this ability. You notice that your hair turns gray, you get wrinkles, you lose muscle tone, you don’t think as clearly and you start to worry about chronic illness and health problems.

Complete Cellular Health

Natural DNA Repair

Science Stuff – DNA Repair

This is a series of enzymatic processes that will automatically work to remove damage in your DNA that occurs on a daily basis. This damage is the result of normal oxidative and non-oxidative stress.

The natural, automatic processes within your body operate to preserve the genetic integrity and normal stem cell health and function of your DNA.


This natural DNA repair process happens several thousands of times every day. This starts the day you are born and continues throughout your life. Your “young” body is very efficient in handling this automatic DNA repair process each day before your cells are replicated. The problem is that as you age, your body is not as efficient at repairing your DNA each day.

The key to living a longer and healthier life is to somehow help your body become more efficient at this DNA repair and cell regeneration process as you get older. The way you do this is by protecting the production of your adult stem cells.

Understanding DNA repair is the first piece to the puzzle.  Next, we’ll talk about how adult stem act as the biggest protector of your DNA

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